Pre-Construction Services

New Business croppedWe offer a range of pre-construction services to set the standard of success at a grass roots level. We specialise in partnering with clients at the earliest stages of design development, offering innovative and intelligent solutions to help your project achieve feasibility without compromising on quality. Our expert design and project managers can assist you with every aspect of your pre-construction requirements, from design and project planning to cost estimates and permit acquisition.

Cost Planning

Once you’ve supplied our team with Town Planning Drawings, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost plan estimate including buildability, logistics and preliminary assessment.  We’ll evaluate your project’s feasibility, identify potential risks and assess strengths and weaknesses to find the right solutions from the start. We engage specialist subcontractors to assist with design assessment and nominate the best construction methods and materials to achieve your vision, timeline and budget.

Tender Submissions

Where a traditional tender process is preferred, we submit a detailed tender proposal once your construction documentation has been completed.  We source multiple trade prices to ensure we are offering the most accurate and competitive fee schedule for your project. We value-engineer to minimise construction costs in order to achieve your set budget. Wherever possible, cost-saving alternatives are sourced using efficient construction methods and materials, reviewing architectural specifications in detail, and employing processes that meet with our highly exacting standards, and have been tested and proven on our construction sites.

Construction Services

Construction ServicesWe offer a comprehensive and harmonious service throughout all stages of the construction process. The Figurehead Difference is not a single statement or philosophy, it’s integrated into our approach, our methodology and, most importantly, our results. 

We understand that every project is unique, that’s why we tailor our services and management style to meet your specific requirements.

A Hands-on Managing Director

Our Managing Director Joe Grasso applies his years of property expertise and knowledge to handpick the right team to bring your project to life. Joe then conducts formal internal monthly reviews to ensure work is proceeding as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s this hands-on approach and attention to detail that makes our service unique.

Assembling the Team

Once we've taken on a project, we appoint an expert Figurehead Construction Manager to oversee all operations on your site. Our Construction Managers mitigate risk by overseeing sites at an operational level. They ensure that all aspects of the pre-planning process are executed as smoothly as possible, as well as undertaking detailed logistics analysis and industrial relations management.

An experienced Project Team is then selected to deliver your project. You’ll benefit from the expertise of a Project Manager, Site Manager, Contract Administrator, Project Coordinator and OH&S Rep. Your dedicated team of specially appointed staff are always on hand to ensure full coverage of all project tasks, making sure project activities are executed efficiently, on time and within budget.

Communication and Reporting

Regular client meetings take place on site with the full project team to discuss the progress of your project in detail. During these meetings you’ll have the opportunity to speak with your team face-to-face, monitor progress and find answers to any questions you may have.

As well as our open communication style and regular personal updates, we provide you with a formal monthly progress report so you can be confident your project is progressing on time and on budget. Your Monthly Project Report will contain in-depth and transparent status documentation including head contract/financial tracking, procurement status, progress photos, contract program status and comparison, as well as notes on any OH&S, environmental, industrial relations, authorities items that may be impacting the project. This report can also be tailored to address any specific requirements from your investors or financiers.

Program Delivery

To achieve our contracted completion dates, Figurehead manage the delivery of your project using continually updated target construction programs, in addition to  fortnightly and 3-monthly target programing. Figurehead ALWAYS fulfil contracted completion dates. In fact, our proactive and hands-on approach to construction management means we regularly hand over projects well in advance of contracted completion dates. 

Quality Assurance

All Figurehead projects are subject to meticulous quality assurance methods, ensuring we deliver a premium product to our clients within budget and on time.  Our site team regularly conducts inspections of all works to ensure that they are in line with design documentation, relevant standards and codes and the Figurehead internal quality assurance policies and procedures.   Detailed quality inspections precede commencement of all construction works to ensure issues are identified and addressed before work proceeds. Figurehead practices a continual commitment to the quality of work throughout the project to ensure minimal defect rectification prior to handover.

AS4801 Certified Safety System

We operate with a strict Health & Safety system which has achieved AS4801 certification.  A full-time Health & Safety Representative is assigned to each project, and all Figurehead Site Managers have achieved a minimum Certificate III in Occupational Health & Safety. In addition to our stringent internal auditing process, Figurehead also engages the Master Builders Association to conduct quarterly safety audits on all our sites.

ISO14001 Certified Environmental Management

We recognise the crucial role of industry in creating environmental accountability and sustainable development and are continually monitoring, refining and updating our practices to minimise the environmental impact of our operations across all of our sites and every area of our business.

We operate using stringent environmental practices as documented in our Environmental Management System which has been awarded ISO 14001 certification.

Our Environmental Sustainability Development (ESD) Committee meets regularly to explore and implement new initiatives for reducing wastage of resources, minimising our environmental footprint and ensuring we maintain exemplary standards of sustainability. 

Defect Management

Figurehead’s meticulous defect management process ensures early identification and resolution of issues before a problem escalates. This process is applied and monitored throughout all stages of construction, so issues are rectified before they become problematic. This means no construction delays and no nasty surprises.


We supply clients, purchasers and owners corporations with a detailed ‘Handover Package’ including all operating manuals, maintenance information, and final specification lists. Prior to handover, your Project Team will complete a walk-through with purchasers, tenants and owners corporations to ensure their full understanding of the operation and maintenance required for the building.