Westside Wide

Westside Apartments

  • Value
  • Client
    Westside 3056
  • Location
    2 West St,
  • Status
    Completed in
    December 2013
  • Facts
    5 levels
    18 apartments
    + 1 tenancy
  • Duration
    9 months

A sleek boutique development in hip, lively Brunswick, this ultra-modern complex incorporates 18 stylish one and two bedroom apartments over five floors, a single retail tenancy and car stackers that service all apartments. Interiors are designed in a sophisticated monochromatic colour scheme with natural timber accents and flooring. High quality chrome, glass and stainless steel fittings and fixtures feature throughout. 

This is a predominantly concrete structure with post-tensioned concrete slabs and distinctive textural coloured precast panel facades.

Figurehead won this project after submitting a detailed and competitive tender, supported by some further negotiation with the client to achieve viability. Design management was not required as the client had already completed all construction documentation prior to Figurehead joining the project, however we worked closely with both the client and project consultants throughout the construction process to ensure tendered budgets were adhered to at every stage.

Tight timelines and a strict budget required a rigorous and extremely watertight construction program. The construction site was located in a narrow cul-de-sac, directly opposite a site on which building works were underway so site access was frequently restricted. Precision construction management and an experienced and professional project team meant we were able to overcome these potential obstacles and deliver the project without delay or additional costs to the client.

Construction on the Westside Apartments was completed in December 2013, allowing everyone involved to enjoy a very well deserved break over the Christmas period.