Pier 1 Main cropped

Pier 1 Apartments

A sleek complex of 64 light and stylish apartments across six levels, the $16M Pier 1 apartments development sits on the waterfront at the beautiful Patterson Lakes Marina and includes above ground parking and a communal rooftop tennis court. Each apartment features natural timber flooring, 2pac joinery and high quality fixtures and finishes throughout.

Precast concrete features heavily in both the contemporary façade and the substructure of the apartments, with exposed finishes and feature aluminium screening adding an element of industrial polish to the modern design.

The developer opted to involve Figurehead early on, bringing us onto the project under an Early Contract Involvement agreement (ECI). This allowed us to coordinate every stage of the four-month design development process, to take the initial marketing documentation through to the final construction documentation. As a consequence, we were able to design an exceptional end product that maintained the client’s budget and delivery expectations without compromising on quality.

Work is due to commence onsite in October 2016 in line with a construction program that has been carefully designed to minimise impact on the local community including existing residents and a neighbouring pub and boathouse.  Since the site is located in close proximity to Port Philip Bay, non-corrosive materials will be employed wherever possible and crane use will be closely managed to allow for strong winds.

The Pier 1 apartments reached completion in December 2017.