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Aerolink Warehouse

The $3M Aerolink Commercial development is a sleek contemporary industrial complexin corporating a 1100m2 warehouse space and 300m2 office area and ample onsite parking. Located just moments from Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, the architecturally designed offices and impressive Clearspan warehouse allow maximum flexibility for prospective tenants.

Figurehead negotiated the contract for this project on the strength of our work on a previous project for the same client (the Acmeda Warehouse). We were then able to manage the consultant team throughout the design and construction process, providing clever time and cost-saving alternatives including an ingenious steel fibre reinforced floor slab in place of the conventional concrete warehouse slab.

Commencing construction in May 2012, we discovered that the in-ground footings for the adjacent buildings on three sides of the site were located inside our site boundary. Thanks to the proactive and rapid response of our experienced construction team, we were able to redesign the planned footings for the structure without creating delays to our scheduled construction program.

The Aerolink Commercial project was completed in late August 2012, one-and-a-half months ahead of the contract completion date, surpassing the expectations of the client and allowing them to procure a tenancy agreement much earlier than anticipated.

“I was impressed that they were involved throughout the construction period including the handover to purchasers. I was also confident with the experienced project staff allocated to the projects.”

- Adam Licciardi | Acmeda