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We are disciplined
We take action
We are professional
We operate with integrity
We provide superior service
We deliver with passion
We support our team

The Figurehead Philosophy

Figurehead's philosophy is based around seven core values: Discipline, Action, Service, Support, Passion, Professionalism and Integrity. These values aren't just tucked away in a training manual - they define our work ethic and shape our procedures every single day. Our values play a definitive role in the way we conduct all of our operations, both in-house and on site, with clients and with each other.

Deconstructing Construction – The Figurehead Logo

The Figurehead cube logo was developed with our seven core values in mind, put in place with a view to continuously improving our processes through adaptability and response. 

You may notice that the Figurehead logo is not a perfect square. This is because it represents our unique and progressive perspective, the idea that we love to challenge boundaries and quite literally work ‘outside the box’. Our logo, like our values, demonstrates that we can be fluid, we are flexible and we are always striving to innovate and improve.

Innovating to improve…that’s the Figurehead Difference.