FLUX Hawthorn House 878Welcome to Figurehead

Figurehead is a boutique Melbourne based construction company delivering high-quality projects in the commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Quality built form...that’s the Figurehead Difference.

A Fresh Approach to Construction

Driven by our passion for delivering innovative construction solutions, Figurehead offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to construction, from expert design development and cost planning to precision project and construction management.

We partner with clients to realise their vision, building innovative and intelligent project plans implemented by our handpicked team of skilled professionals.

Our proven ability to adapt and respond to the changing needs of each project as it evolves ensures all of our projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We strive to surpass our clients’ expectations at every stage of the construction process, building lasting relationships based on integrity and trust.

Building your trust...that’s the Figurehead Difference.

What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike most construction companies who only weigh in once the pre-construction phase is complete, we love to get involved early in the process and deliver our expertise in advance. We’ve developed a wealth of unique and specialised knowledge in pre-construction value and design management, and can help you lay the foundations for outstanding results in the project delivery phase.

Our senior staff are predominantly from Tier One and large corporate backgrounds, bringing the discipline of these high-pressure environments and thriving without the red tape that so often hinders good decisions.

Accountability is a key feature of our corporate culture, and we implement detailed and consistent monitoring and reporting procedures at every stage of the process. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and our ability to identify and respond to potential issues before they become a problem.

Forward thinking...that’s the Figurehead Difference.