Lighthouse Volunteer Day

Lighthouse Volunteer Day

Figurehead Lends a Hand to Help Tackle Youth Homelessness

The Lighthouse Foundation provides homeless young people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse with care, support and education to help them break the cycle of homelessness.

Like all charities, the organisation relies heavily on support from the community, so Damir, Garrick, Tess, Adrian and Dylan from the Figurehead team recently volunteered to spend a (cold and rainy) day working at one of the organisation’s ‘Mums and Bubs’ properties, a safe house that provides care for young homeless mothers and their newborn babies.

Lighthouse day 2016 diggingThe property had been experiencing some major drainage issues in the backyard, with pooled water rendering half of the backyard unusable and causing flooding to a neighbouring property. Damir jumped at the chance to get to work with his ‘big boy toy’, digging a trench with a 2T excavator and installing some aggie pipe to give the unwanted water a new drainage route. Garrick meanwhile put his impressive carpentry skills to use erecting a roofed pergola to create an idyllic spot for parents to relax while their kids enjoy the new space in the backyard.

Adrian, Tess and Dylan were in charge of landscaping and managed to fill an entire skip with dead branches and shrubs. At the request of the tenants, they also planted some colourful flowerbeds, as well as some screening plants that will provide privacy from neighbours and the school behind. In an effort that would have made his Nonna proud, Adrian showcased his agricultural skills with great enthusiasm by installing a vegetable patch fully loaded with fresh herbs and veggies - just in time for spring! In a heartfelt ‘thank you’ note, the Foundation pointed out that many of their young people have grown up eating only packaged and junk food, so the veggie patch will be a great way to help educate them about better nutrition for themselves and their babies. 

Lighthouse day 2016 Garden bed

Refusing to allow the dreary weather to dampen their spirits, the entire volunteer team put in a spectacular effort, working hard to create new spaces and resources that will continue to be enjoyed and appreciated for many years to come.