Figurehead Family Day 2015

Figurehead Family Day 2015

Our annual Figurehead Family Day is an opportunity for our extended Figurehead family to come together and celebrate the end of the year before heading off to enjoy a well-deserved break.

The 2015 event was a delicious catered lunch held at beautiful Burnley Gardens in Richmond, where we reserved a huge space and set up a large marquee for our entire team, their partners and children to enjoy an afternoon of fun and festivities.

There was no shortage of activities for the kids, with referees supervising sack, egg-and-spoon and three-legged races, hula hooping and a Frisbee throwing competition, all culminating in a good old-fashioned tug-of-war.

IMG 7527Although supposedly ‘just for the kids’, it wasn’t long before the big kids got involved and the battle was on! Our young ‘Whipper Snappers’ (all the under-30s who talked a big game) lined up to take on the over-30 ‘Old Boys’. Round one went to the Old Boys with a brilliant strategic move, releasing their end of the rope at a crucial moment to send the young guns crashing to the ground (luckily only their egos were bruised)! Eager to restore their dignity after being bested by an older – and wiser – team, the Whipper Snappers returned for round two with an impressive show of muscle and determination, ultimately winning the battle - though many would argue the Old Boys won the war!

Family Day Joe

Our talented face paint and balloon artist, Dale, was an absolute hit, delighting and astounding kids and grownups alike with fantastically intricate face art creations featuring floral arrangements, Christmas-inspired faces, skulls, butterflies, tigers - even an Iron Man! Her amazing balloon art creations including fairy wings, a Santa hat, a ladybug, fairy wings and swords, in fact she was able to cleverly create pretty much anything the kids could dream up!

The grand finale of the afternoon was the arrival of the Wildlife Action Zoo, who brought along 11 incredible animals including baby emus, a lizard, a turtle (which we learned will grow to over 100kgs!), a frog, an echidna, a baby joey and a very cheeky South American Parrot for everyone to get to know. We learned about their habitats, behaviours and appetites before getting the chance to pat, cuddle and take plenty of photos with all of the beautiful animals!

The most thrilling ‘guests’ were undoubtedly the salt water crocodile (thankfully with his snout taped shut) which had a few children (and parents) running for the back row when he was introduced, and the enormous python, who was the star of the photo shoot with everyone eager to snap a pic to prove how tough they were!

Family Day croc

The event was a fantastic success, with everyone going home well fed, happily exhausted and excited to get together again next year.